About Nancie Ploechl

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Nancie Ploechl received her degree in Marketing while simultaneously exhibiting her photography and painting. Following her graduation, Nancie Ploechl built a strong career in marketing, and she now serves as President of Prairie Marketing, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. In her current role, Nancie Ploechl’s duties encompass defining a clear vision for Prairie Marketing, Inc., and she also works alongside top priority clients. Recently, Nancie Ploechl created a new packaging approach for a large real estate company, developing an integrated and cohesive program that gained new market attention and simultaneously decreased costs. Moreover, Nancie Ploechl designed and implemented a repackaging system for a prominent national association, and she was responsible for a dramatic increase in visibility for the organization’s members and sponsors. Nancie Ploechl augmented sales and profitability. In addition, Nancie Ploechl developed a strategy and a public relations campaign and oversaw the design of more than 30 different pieces of promotional material within a year’s time for a leading energy service corporation. To obtain further information about Nancie Ploechl and Prairie Marketing, Inc., visit http://www.prairiemarketinginc.com. Nancie Ploechl belongs to AIGA and the American Marketing Association; in her free time, Nancie Ploechl volunteers her talents at the Chicago Art Institution.


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